Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Westies are Zone PSSA Champions!

Narrabri West athletes performed superbly at last Friday’s Narrabri PSSA Athletics trials held at Wee Waa, with excellent results being recorded. In fact they performed so well, we retained the Narrabri Zone PSSA Athletics trophy! All children competed with enthusiasm and commitment and most importantly once again in the Narrabri West tradition, were always smiling after their events, whether finishing as winners or losers. Thank you also to all of our parents who attended and encouraged our athletes. What a great effort!
(pictured are our PSSA representatives with the trophy they won)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Bottle Stall for the Fete

1M students have been bringing in lots of jars with special goodies in them for the Fete, which is coming up soon! So far, 1M has got 55 bottles! We hope to bring in lots more! We hope that we beat last year's record!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Higher Order Thinking

Over the course of the year 6C have been learning using Higher Order Thinking and Independent Learning strategies. These tools help us learn to think outside the box and to develop our creativity and independence. These activities include using Six Hats, Thinkers Keys, Blooms Taxonomy, Multiple Intelligences, Reflection cards and are supported by using the Smartboard. We regularly use graphic organisers to develop our thinking. Things like lotus diagrams, x-charts and y-charts are all used to support our learning.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Stage 2- fitness levels

Stage 2 classes have been setting up a circuit to test endurance levels. In pairs, we time our partners doing a station for 1 minute. Each week we are going to repeat the activity and check to see if we can do more than the week before. We hope to get fitter by the end of the term.

Library Buzz - Stage 1

The Stage 1 classes are currently using the "Information Process" skills to find information about different topics. Last week while looking up astronauts in the "A" encyclopedia, they had to think of five questions they would ask an astronaut. The children then role played being an astronaut or an interviewer. All children are having a fascinating time looking for information in the encyclopedia.

Gymnastics Fun

The Stage 3 classes are currently doing Gymnastics. 5/6F are showing us their skills and are having a great time while doing it.

Smartboards in the Classroom

1M has been using their new Smartboards in Maths Groups this term. The children complete maths activities each day using the Smartboard, Count Me In Too activities and maths computer games and Mrs Nichols has been helping us each day. The Smartboards are definitely a hit, with every student enjoying maths on the Smartboard!

KL and K/1J cook up a storm!

This term KL and K/1J have been learning about procedures. So far we have made vegemite sandwiches and red jelly with jelly beans. Who would have thought that by following some simple instructions, we could make something so delicious?

Athletics Champions!

We had our Athletics Carnival on Friday 3rd August. Sturt were the champions and Oxley won the Ball Games Trophy. We all had a great day. Our picture shows all of the age champions.

An update on our bore!

During the July holidays we sank a bore to obtain water for our playground irrigation system. We found lots of high quality water at a depth of 81m. We are now waiting on a pump to go in and then we can connect this water supply to our existing system. This will allow us access to water at all times and will hopefully ensure that we have lovely green playing fields for all the students in the years ahead.