Monday, September 28, 2009


Our class has been learning about Antarctica. We have researched many topics about this uniquely stunning environment. We have found out that Antarctica is not all ice. We have studied the impact people have made on this beautiful land and the pollution we are creating. People are even thinking about opening Antarctica for tourism.

We have discovered that whales have dropped by incredible numbers due to the everyday killings of these magnificent mammals. Another depressing fact, is that people are mainly killing the female whales. Toothed whales are mainly killed for the ivory in their teeth.
Our class is starting a debate about whaling, one team is going for whaling and one team is going against. There are three speakers in each team. The rest of the class are doing speeches about whaling.

This term we have been e-mailing students in Germany. It has been exciting and lots of fun for us to learn what the German students have been up to during their holidays and also what they had to say about their school and their country,even though they are only learning our language. It must also be good for them, because they get a chance to write in our language and talk to children that share common interests.

Our Year 4's are visiting Lake Keepit. We will write about their adventures in our next blog entry.

Year 5's entry - 4/5P.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dubbo Zoo Excursion

On Friday the 18th September, Stage 1 went to Taronga Western Plains Zoo. We went to the zoo to have fun with our friends and learn more about animals.

In the morning, we had to arrive at school by 6.45am! If we all didn’t arrive at that time, the coaches would be late! 2/3S and 1/2M went on the first coach and KD and 1N went on the second coach.

We watched Bolt and Bedtime Stories on the way to the zoo. We stopped in Coonabarabran for a crunch ‘n’ sip break. We also had to go to the toilet. As we drove through Coonabarabran, kids were only just going to school!

When we got to the zoo we had morning tea near the souvenir shop. Then we had to go to the toilet and put sunscreen on. After we had morning tea, we went to our first stop.

Our first stop was the black rhinoceros and the camel. After we saw the rhinoceros and camels, we saw lots and lots of deer! After that, we saw the giraffes, white rhinoceros and the elephants on the African Viewing Tower. Then we had lunch near the ice-cream shop and zebras.

After we had lunch, we saw the lions! While we were watching the lions, the teachers took some photos. We then got back on the caoch and saw some wild horses. We then saw the siamang apes. We really wanted to watch them swing but they were lazy and didn’t swing!

Then we had afternoon tea in the savannah lake area and played on the playground. After lunch, we saw the meer cats first and they were very jumpy! Then we saw a very big and fat wombat. The last exhibit we visited was the bird aviary. There were some very nice birds in there. Then we walked back to the coach to go home.

On the way home we watched Shawn the Sheep and Barnyard. My favourite part of the day was seeing the hippos. I had a really good day.

By Jenna Baxter 2/3S

Dubbo Zoo Excursion

On Friday the 18th of September KD, 1N, 1/2M and 2/3 went on an excursion to the Taronga Western Plains Zoo. We went to learn more about animals and see what they look like in real life.
We had to arrive at school at 6.34am so the coaches could leave at 7.00am. 2/3S and 1/2M went on the first coach and KD and 1N went on the other coach. My coach had a toilet and the other one didn’t.

On the way to Dubbo we watched Bolt and Bedtime Stories. Jenna was sitting next to me. She let me borrow her book called ‘Courageous Dogs’ because I didn’t want to watch the movies. Then we stopped in Coonabarabran for crunch ‘n’ sip. Mrs Smith told us to go to the toilet because it was the last stop before Dubbo.

When we arrived at the zoo we had morning tea outside the souvenir shop. We all went to the toilet again. In the toilet I saw a lady cleaning her fake teeth! We all had to put sunscreen on so we didn’t get burnt. After that we got on the bus and went to our first stop.

The first animals we saw were the black rhinoceros and camels. Then we saw antelope and the common eland. Later on we had lunch at the milk bar. Then we took our bags with us to look at the lions. One of the female lions had had surgery on her ear. We also saw giraffes and cheetahs.

Then we got on the coach and went round the zoo and saw lots of animals. We saw wild horses, galapagos tortoise, kangaroos, ostrich emu and white rhinoceros. Then we got off the bus and saw siamang apes. I sat down on the seat. One of them was energetic and the other went away so we wouldn’t see it.

Then we had recess at the playground. I didn’t get to play on the playground because I was eating my food. Then we went to see the meer cats, wombat and bird aviary.
Finally we went home on the coaches. At Coonabarabran we stopped to have some fruit and cordial. Then we got back on the coaches and went home. My favourite part of the day was seeing the wombats and siamang apes.

By Emily Stiller 2/3S

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

This term we have been doing lots of work on our RAT's (real assessment tasks) about Antarctica. We have also been focussing on explanations, the topic we used to write a portfolio task was on how to ride a bike. Over the last few weeks our class has been looking at animation. We have been using whiteboards to create images and taking pictures with the school's new cameras and tripods. We are using movie maker to transform the photos taken into an animated movie. We are currently planning storyboards for our group animation projects which will be done outside using whatever resources we can find.

Miss Mostyn, who is a second year education student from UNE has been in our class for the last four weeks. She has been doing some exciting lessons with us and we will miss Miss Mostyn and hope she comes back to the West when she is finished her degree.

Next term we are very excited about beginning senior sport. Our choices this year were golf, gym and tennis. This is a great treat and we can't wait. The holidays are rapidly approaching and we are all thrilled to be getting a rest from the exhausting work load we have been under this term.

Our gold badge assembly is on next week and the people receiving this award have been extremely well behaved and thoroughly deserve this honour. Our term has been hectic but we are pleased with the work we have produced and can't wait until next term, the last at the West for some of us.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

2/3S Term 3 News

2/3S have had a very busy and exciting term. We have enjoyed art lessons and have made some beautiful artworks. We enjoyed making our Father’s Day presents and cards. Our Dad’s were very impressed with our hand made gifts.

We have done two video conferences this term. We participated in a video conference with Frances Watts. She read some of her picture books to us. She talked about the writing, editing and publishing process. We also participated in a video conference about the air, atmosphere and weather. This was presented by the CSIRO.

We are looking forward to our excursion to the Dubbo Zoo next week. We will put a bolg up when we return.

2/3S Term 3 Blog

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What a great school fete!

Our school fete continues to get bigger and better each year.

A huge crowd, great weather, fantastic stalls, plenty of attractions and terrific live music from country singers Tony and Helen Cornish (assisted by our very own Mr Cornish), saw Narrabri come out in force yet again to support our school.

We have again made a healthy profit, far in excess of last years record breaking figures, with the money raised being used to fund our latest interactive whiteboard purchases. It is quite amazing to think how much money can be raised by what is essentially a small school, in such a short period of time.

Thank you to everyone who came and all of our many helpers. We owe a huge thank you to our very small, but active Fete Committee, which has met regularly over the last year planning the night.

The highlights of the night for most of the children attending were the rides, especially the ‘Cha Cha’ and Dodgem cars. These, as always, were extremely popular.