Friday, May 21, 2010

1/2M Class News

We are well into Term 2 and have achieved so much this year in 1/2M, including our ‘Me Box’ and animation presentations and of course the Eisteddfod! Thank you to the parents who have already discussed their child’s achievements and learning goals at the Three Way Interviews. We look forward to informing parents more formally about their child’s progress through the written Semester 1 Reports which will go home at the end of term. Please make an appointment if there are any questions regarding these.

A big thank you to all the parents who had their child looking so wonderful for our Eisteddfod performance last Tuesday. The children were very well behaved, sang beautifully and looked absolutely fantastic in their uniforms. They should be very pleased with their efforts. Here are some of 1/2M students’ thoughts about the Eisteddfod…..

*My favourite bit was singing. (Eden M)
*We sang two songs on the stage, ‘My Island Home’ and ‘Blue Moon’. (Stevie-Lea)
*The recorders did a very good job. (Eli)
* We watched and listened to other people. We came first and the recorders played and we came first again. (Georgia)
*We got a trophy. (Aiden)
*Yesterday we went to The Crossing Theatre to sing our songs. It was fun. (Jeffrey)
*First we watched the other schools then it was our turn. My favourite part was when we sang. (Caitlyn)

Our unit this term is ‘Getting Along’ which focuses on how other people care for us. We are also enjoying reading, writing and talking and listening about texts that persuade us in some way, such as expositions. Mrs Davis is helping us in Science and Technology lessons and we have started learning about emails and magnets. Year 2 students turning eight this year have been joining Stage 2 and Stage 3 for athletics practice during the week. Year 1 students and the seven year old Year 2 students will be joining KD and K/1N for running, games and ball skills practice in sport this term, so it is a very busy time indeed.

Parents are welcome to help in reading groups which are held Mondays to Thursdays from 10.00 – 10.30 am. A reminder – could parents please send in the money for the Maths texts, if you have not already paid for these ($15.00). Thank you also to those who have sent in their portfolio money ($2.00), and the tissue boxes and glue sticks. Thanks also to those parents who have continued to support our homework program. The homework program is a valuable tool in consolidating the work done in the classroom.

Here are our animations to enjoy!

The Balloon Family Goes to the Beach

The Balloon Family Goes to the Park

The Balloon Family Goes Camping

The Balloon Family Goes Fishing

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Leadership Conference

On the 30th April our school captains and councillors travelled to Tamworth to participate in the Impact Leadership Conference to help our leaders learn more about being a school leader. The conference started at 8:45am and by the time we entered the town hall the conference had already started. They were showing movie clips and we had to write down in our books who were the leaders in the clip. Our favourite segment of the day was ‘loud noises.’ There were two men who ran that segment and their names were Mason and Ronan. They did fun games with us and we even had do dance.
We learnt a lot about what makes a good leader and ways to be positive leaders and good role models within our school. We had a great time and would love to go again.

Connor and Daniel

Cunningham – 2010 Cross Country Champions!

Last week our annual Cross Country Championships were held with Cunningham the winning house in yet another very close result. Our champions for each age division are Jonty and Clariese (8/9 years), Jordan and Kate (10 years), Coby and Lidia (11 years), Riley and Amber (12/13 years).

Good luck to all of our athletes who are looking forward to boarding the bus on Friday 21st May and travelling to Burren Junction to compete at the Narrabri Zone PSSA Trials.