Wednesday, April 21, 2010

5/6C News Term 2

Welcome back to Term 2. The first few days of the term have been very busy but we have settled well and have jumped straight back into work mode. This term our Science unit will be on electricity and circuits. This will be a lot of fun with heaps of hands on activities. Our class and Miss Baldwin's class have started a program where all the boys work with Mr Cornish and all of the girls work with Miss Baldwin. This program runs for the first hour of the day. The idea came from current research on the benefits of boys and girls working in their own groups for certain times during the day.

We have been talking about ANZAC Day and the importance of this day to us. We are completing a writing task about sacrifice, history, pride, loyalty and freedom. The class are extremely engaged in this activity and are producing some excellent pieces of work. We have continued our approach to fitness this term and run every morning around the oval. This is very good practise for the cross country which is on next week.

The class all enjoyed their holidays and were very excited to get back to work!! We used Inspiration (computer program) to plan and write a recount of the holidays. It sounded like the students had lots of fun. NAPLAN is also approaching quickly and the students in Year 5 are looking forward to completing these tests. (some of them)

This is going to be a very busy term with the class needing to work very well to keep up with expectations. Even though it will be very busy, there will be plenty of interesting activities to complete.