Monday, March 30, 2009

5/6C Video Conference with Westdale.

Over the past few weeks we have been communicating with Westdale PS using the Wiki we established, emails and today we had a video conference with our partner class. We are creating this Blog with 6B from Westdale while we are having the conference. We were able to introduce ourselves to our email buddies and get to see what they looked like. We're learning about Living Lands and Westdale are learning about Antarctica. We learnt we do similar things between the schools. Our house names are named after prominent people. 6B told us about their fundraising efforts with FM 92.9 and Westpac Rescue helicopter.

"I learnt a lot more about the Video Conferencing and using computers to communicate." Zac 6B

"I enjoyed doing the Video Conference and learning about students from another school." Connor 5/6C

"It was fun to meet other people we didn't know before" Zach C 6B

"It was good to meet our partners" Daniel 5/6C

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Boys Cricket Knockout

Our boys cricket team played Narrabri on 26th March in the second round of the NSW PSSA Boys Cricket Knockout. Unfortunately Narrabri were too strong and defeated our boys to move into the next round. Narrabri batted first and scored 101 after their 25 overs. Josh Wilson was an absolute megastar in the field, taking 5 catches and returning 1-13 form his 3 overs. This was a big score to chase and we started well, however we ran out of overs and were 6-69 after our 25 overs. Man of the match Josh Wilson top scored with 12 runs, although S.Undries was as consistent as ever, notching up 33 runs! All boys played well and are now looking forward to the Cricket Challenge in Term 4.

2/3S Blog

2/3S have participated in their first video conference! The students participated well and really enjoyed connecting with other schools and our presenter, Dhinawan. After the conference the students were asked to write a recount. One was chosen to publish:

Video Conference

On Thursday the 26th of March 1/2M and 2/3S participated in a video conference. The presenter was Dhinawan and he taught us some things about Aboriginal culture through dance and games.

We got to ask questions about his culture. Jenna asked how the didgeridoo was made Dhinawan told us that you cut a hollow part off a string bark tree then pour hot water through the middle to remove any insects that may be in there. Then you take the bark off the outside. After that you get the woman to paint it. I didn’t want to ask a question but it was fun.

We saw other schools like Forbes during the video conference. We got to learn some dance and games. They were really fun. One was where we were rocking like a canoe. Other classes asked questions too. It was fun!

By Emily 2/3S

Monday, March 23, 2009

PSSA Girls Cricket Round 2 Gunnedah Fields

On March 23rd 2009 round 2 of the PSSA cricket was played against Gunnedah South at Donnelly Fields, Gunnedah. After winning the toss, we elected to bat. K Cornish opened and batted extremely well hitting fours and sixes consistently notching up a score 40 not out. She was supported by J Kennedy scoring 4 runs before being stumped. The girls played in the true spirit of the game but once again sundries scored well. Gunnedah South batted competently displaying aggressive skills with 2 batters retiring both with 40 runs a piece. Our bowlers had difficulty getting accuracy on the pitch for some of the overs but delivered other balls that were easy targets for the Gunnedah South girls. S Brown bowled well at 0–10 for 2 overs. As their coach, I was impressed with the gregarious nature of the team and their willingness to put in the hours during training. We look forward to using their skills in the cricket challenge at the end of the year.

Carmel Woolford

5/6C and Westdale

Last week Mr C went to Tamworth to learn some more uses for technology. While he was there he met a teacher from Westdale PS and they decided to have a video conference and email - pen pal project. We were very excited about getting buddies and having a video conference. We created a Wiki to begin our communication. We use the Wiki to communicate with Westdale which helps us to find out about other schools and make friends. We are learning about technology through using different types of technology. So far we have looked at email, Marvin, Blogginig, digital photography, Wiki's, videos and Video Conferencing.

We initially set up a Wiki and invited Westdale to join our Wiki. They replied and we buddied up with a penpal for the email project. We have created a link from the Wiki to our Blog for Westdale. We took a photo of 5/6C and we pasted it onto our wiki page. Next we are learning about podcasts and widgits we are learning to communicate using technology.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

3/4S are Working Hard!

This term 3/4S have been working hard and learning lots of new things. We are learning to have a go and help others. Here are some of the activities we have been doing:

Clayton working hard in a Maths lesson

Jessie and Brittany working together
In Cogs we have been learning about National Parks and we have been using items from the local environment like leaves, nuts and bark for our artwork. Trinity

We have been writing Information Reports. We had to choose an animal and write, then present an information report about it. I chose a Tasmanian Devil, it was really fun. Kate

Taylah showing her poster
We have been playing with magnets for Science. We made magnet powered cars with paddle-pop sticks, axles, wheels, blu-tac and magnets. We raced the cars by pushing them using the power of repulsion. Jake

We have a growth tree that used to have no leaves on it. When someone does something really good they can get a leaf. If we reach 100 leaves, we get to have a class party. We already have 31 leaves. Callie

A picture of our Growth Tree

Friday, March 13, 2009

5/6F and KD Buddies

5/6F and KD are buddies. We have been doing lots of art activities such as a rainforest collages and some beautiful butteflys. Lunch times and recess are lots of fun with our buddies because we borrow equipment from the sports shed such as balls, hoops, and skipping ropes and play together helping each other with social skills. 5/6F also took KD buddies around the school to show them all the great places to play and be safe. We always have lots of fun whenever we do anything with our buddies.

Kathy and Jaymie-Lea

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

2/3S Week 6

2/3S have had a busy and productive start to the year. Our classroom is full of beautiful artwork. We have enjoyed learning about frogs and have had pet frogs in our classroom. However, they are mysteriously disappearing each night - perhaps they are escape artists! We have made a frog PowerPoint and are looking forward to showing parents during 3 way interviews later this term. We are getting ready to write our own information report on endangered animals and have been busy learning what it means to be in danger and how we can help to protect our wildlife.

On Shrove Tuesday 2/3S made pancakes with 1/2M. They were very yummy and some students made pancakes at home using Mrs Smith's secret recipe!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Netball Clinic

Remove Formatting from selection On Monday 9th March, 26 NWPS girls (and Westy) walked to the Bev Burrows Netball Courts. They were split into age groups and participated in activities that helped improve their skills and knowledge of the game. These activities included shooting, defending, footwork and ball skills. The day was organised by Sport & Rec, but Narrabri Netball Association assisted by supplying helpers, including NIAS reps from Narrabri High and Official Netball coaches. To finish off the day the girls played a round robin competition of 8 minute games, to consolidate the skills they learnt earlier in the day. Every student involved enjoyed themselves, even Jessica who had a bit of a crash.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

5/6C and 1N email legends

5/6C and 1N have created a buddy system to learn how to email and to create a Blog. 5/6C learnt how to email and Blog. They then were given a buddy to teach the same things. 5/6C went to 1N's classroom and the kids buddied up and went to the computer lab to begin our emailing. The students worked very well together and were able to send and receive emails. The work between these two groups was very impressive.

5/6C learnt a traditional Indigenous game called Taktyerrain. This game involves throwing balls a certain distance and racing to get your ball the quickest. The class, in groups were responsible for teaching small groups from 1N. The students were taught the game and then we played a huge game involving all of the students. Everyone had a great time and all of the students developed confidence in different situations.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

5/6C Class News

Welcome to our first class news.

This year we have been working on different types of technology such as: Marvin, Emails, Web Quest, Blogs and Video conferencing. We have created a buddy class with 1N. We are going to work with the class to teach them how to access and reply to emails. This process will help us to learn as well as helping 1N.

Also this year we have been using alot of thinking tools such as the doughnut, lotus diagram, blooms grid, brainstorming and decision making matrix. These tools help us to think, organise, plan and produce quality work.

Fitness is a focus for the term. We are running or exercising most mornings which helps us get our minds active for a great days work. We are working towards making ourselves healthy and strong for the future. Recently we have begun learning circus skills which is great fun and also helps our hand eye coordination. Some of the class are natural clowns!

We are continuing to develop our skills in singing and have begun learning to use our voices as an instrument. We are learning a couple of different songs and everyone is having a great time singing together.

Our focus for the term is on Living Lands which includes areas such as National Parks, rainforests, animals and plants. We have been conducting research on this and are learning some very useful information.

The class has begun the year extremely well and are producing quality work in all areas.