Monday, August 9, 2010

Education Week 2010

Last week was Education Week and what a busy week we had.

100 days of School - Tuesday was the 100th day of school for students this year and luckily this day fell in Education Week, so we took this opportunity to invite parents and community into our school to help celebrate this milestone. We wanted to showcase how much we have learnt and achieved this year.

A very large crowd attended and they enjoyed a picnic lunch in our school grounds and then visited classrooms where students proudly presented their work and demonstrated very clearly the progress they have made this year and how clever they are. Just imagine how much they will have learnt after 200 days of school!

Classes showed their portfolios of work, presented multimedia presentations of their class activities, sang songs, danced, had spelling competitions (which the parents had to do as well), played Jeopardy on the whiteboard to test general knowledge skills (the parents also had to join in with this) and some classes also showed the movie animations they have been working on. Every class was very busy and the student’s certainly enjoyed the opportunity to show their visitors what they can do.

After the classroom sessions we had an assembly where the School Concert Band, Senior Recorder Group and our drum group, The Drum Muster performed. We also acknowledged our high achievers in recent University of New South Wales competitions.

Certificates of appreciation were also presented to parents who have provided great assistance to our school this year.

Athletics Carnival - Congratulations Oxley 2010 Athletics Champions!

Our 2010 Pre School to Year 6 Athletics Carnival has been held in front of a large crowd of supporters. Despite having to reschedule due to the wet weather, we managed to strike a fantastic sunny day which added to the occasion.

After great rainfall and consistent watering from our bore and irrigation system in the last 12 months, we have a high quality grass coverage and surface on our athletics track, which is only going to get better as time progresses. Narrabri West is extremely fortunate to be able to hold our athletics carnival on our own school grounds. We are the envy of many other schools for being able to do this.

After two days of very hard fought competition, Oxley was the winning house. The Ball Games Shield was won by Cunningham.