Thursday, April 30, 2009

5/6C Back to school!

We have returned from our yummy chocolate holiday and are ready to get back into our school routine. We have heaps of sport events early in the term including cross country, football, netball, softball and soccer. We are making sure we work really hard so we don't miss out on any learning. Our focus unit this term is about Traditions and Heritage. In this unit we talk about gold, Aboriginal lifestyle, democracy and about our history. Hopefully we may be able to pan for some gold. This term is going to be extremely busy with lots of exciting activities planned for the term. We have continued working on our Eisteddfod pieces and are very pleased with the way they are going. We are continuing our video conferencing with Westdale and our wiki is working well. We are currently working on writing tasks about Westy the Bear. We are calling them the Westy T Bear chronicles. This is going to be a great term and we can't wait to get into it!
Welcome to Amber and Tayla Jane who have joined our class this term.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

3/4W Class Activities

On the 7th of April, 2009 3/4W started to grow some Weeping Red Bottle Brush plants. First we needed an eighth of a piece of newspaper to squash down the bottom of the little tubes. Secondly, we went outside and put dirt in the pots. Following that, we put the pots under the sprinkler so they could be moistened ready for the seeds.
The following day, we planted 135 seeds in the pots. We got the seeds from the Tankaday Challenge. Hopefully they will germinate in 21-28 days. But we don’t expect them all to grow. If we have enough we will be able to take some home or maybe sell at the Fete. Most of them will be planted in the school. We had lots of fun doing it and are keeping our fingers crossed for a good result! If they germinate, they will grow to about 5 metres high and will attract birds. This term we will be looking at seeds and the growth of plants. Already Mrs. Woolford has organised for us to grow a mini vegetable garden near the classroom for us all to be involved in. We will keep you up to date with how our garden is going. We hope to grow peas, beans, spinach, brussel sprouts and broccoli. Yummy vegetables !! Maybe we will be able to have a cooking day at the end to use some of the goodies we grow!!

Our COGs unit is about the early sea explorers of Australia. We will be researching 4 explorers to discover who was the most noted for discovering the Great Southern Land. Today we have begun using Master Slides in our Power point documents getting ready to present a major project revealing all that we have learnt in our research time in reading lessons.

Friday, April 3, 2009

KD students are too clever!!!

The students in KD have become very clever this term! So far we have learnt 9 sounds and letters and can now use these letters to make tons of CVC words. We are also getting to know quite a few sight words and can use these in short sentences. We have been writing information reports this term and have some written some interesting reports about cats. Isn't it amazing to think that at the beginning of the term, most of us could only write our name, and now only 9 weeks later we are writing sentences and learning to use handwriting lines!
Ms Dafter was very pleased to speak to all the parents during Three Way Interviews, because she had such pleasing reports to give about every child in KD and could show parents such fantastic work samples, proving what hard workers KD are! Thank you to all the parents who have attended an interview as it means a lot to your child to know how interested you are in their progress at school.
In week 10, KD teamed up with 5/6F to complete the final assessment for our COGS unit, Our Place. The task involved the children designing a home environment that would be suitable for a storybook family and creating a diorama. KD chose The Three Bears and decided that the house would need 3 chairs, 3 beds, 3 bowls of porridge plus many more homely items. So far the homes look very inviting and comfortable and there has been lots of creativity flowing during this task! The finished dioramas will be on display in KD's classroom when we have our open day on Thursday, 9th of April.
In the past few weeks we have all been working hard practising our poems and songs for the Eisteddfod which is coming up in Term 2. We have also been working on a special class entry for the Narrabri Show where we have created a large wall hanging showing where we live in our environment. The children are very excited about this and are looking forward to seeing their work displayed at the show.
It's not long now until the Easter bunny visits and KD is now counting down to this exciting event. This week we will be making some Easter baskets in the hope that the Easter Bunny pays us a visit before the end of term!
Thank you once again to all of the parents who continue to help out in our classroom each day. It is such a great help and the children really enjoy having you there.

Ms Dafter & KD