Thursday, June 17, 2010

Science Challenge by Emily 3/4W

On Tuesday 8th June 2010 about 40 students represented Narrabri West Public School at the University of Newcastle Science and Engineering Challenge at the Crossing Theatre.
We were divided into 8 groups: dark green, light green, orange, purple, light blue, dark blue, red and pink.
Some groups were full day groups and some groups were half day groups. The half day groups did two activities but the full day groups did one. Our activities included things like deciding who could use the electricity, reflecting light waves, building catapults, making planes that flew a long way and creating environmentally sound houses.
After the half day groups had done their first activity, we had a BBQ lunch. It was delicious. After lunch the half day groups went to their second activity and the full day groups went back to their activity. At the end of the day, we got to watch the bridge testing. Our schools bridge made it to the ‘bridge buster’ which was the same level as the best bridges on the day. It was exciting to watch the bridges collapsing one by one. One of the organisers drew a school's name out of a hat to win a mystery science prize. Our school's name was pulled out of the hat! Then Mr Nelson told the schools the results and our school had the highest score! It just goes to show what teamwork can achieve! All the students had fun and tested our skills in science.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Science Challenge - Narrabri West wins again!

This week students from our Years 4, 5 and 6 participated in the National Science Challenge, run by the University of Newcastle and the Narrabri Rotary Club.

The students were involved in a variety of exciting and challenging science and engineering based activities. They designed, created, tested and problem solved their way through such tasks as bridge building, ring gliders, electric circuits, hovercrafts and catapult making.

The challenge was also contested by other schools from Narrabri and surrounding districts.

Due to excellent team work and the problem solving skills of all of our participants, we received high scores in all activities and were announced as the overall winners of the day. This is the third year from the last four that we have won this competition. More importantly, all of our team members had an exciting day and learnt heaps!

Thank you to Narrabri Rotary Club, the University of Newcastle and the sponsors and helpers for making the day such a great experience for all students.

Thank you also to Mrs Woolford and Mrs Phillips for organising our team and to all team members for your excellent behaviour and attitude.

Our continued success in this challenge can certainly be put down to our practical and hands-on science program, our emphasis on higher order thinking skills and the ability of our students to operate effectively as a team. High quality teaching helps as well! Well done everybody.