Thursday, August 21, 2008

Our Science & Engineering Challenge

Narrabri West students celebrated National Science Week last week with a Science and Engineering Challenge that involved all students from Kindergarten to Year 6.

Students were divided into small groups and these groups then undertook a number of scientific activities throughout the day that challenged them and required cooperative group work to successfully complete their tasks. To do this they first had to listen to the problem, look at the diagrams and then generate ideas in their heads about how they might go about reaching a solution. That’s what all successful scientists do!

Dr Edwards from the Narrabri Telescope also came to talk to all groups about his scientific work. He spoke to the students about the universe, planets and other interesting facts abut the telescope. ‘Awesome’ was the word most used by the students after his talks!

We also had terrific assistance from Narrabri High School Year 10 students who helped each group throughout the day.

Some of the activities were building newspaper towers, circular wing flyers, delta wing flyers and designing and building a 30cm suspension bridge. Year 6 students Jemma and Jaice wrote these comments about some of their groups activities: “Our group, ‘The Coustaeu’s’ started by building a catapult. We had to chose a design from the board and start building using materials we were given. These materials included dowel, masking tape and rubber bands. We then had to make a house that had working lights with a switch. The house also had to have a rainwater tank, windows and be of a certain size.”

All groups had had a fantastic time being budding scientists. Everyone was challenged, fully engaged and enjoyed the activity immensely!