Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ready,Set,Kinder! Term 3 Week 8

In week 8 the preschoolers read the big book, "Smarty Pants" and we all talked about some of the very clever things that we are able to do. The activities for week 8 included two talking & listening activities where the children used picture cards to say a sentence about what they can do and talked to a partner about what clever things they can do. In the third activity the children were given a large black outline of Smarty Pants and they had to choose coloured clever words to glue onto his pants.
Any activities that the children complete during Ready,Set,Kinder! will be kept and put into a special portfolio which will be presented to the children at the final assembly in Term 4.
Below is the timetable we are following each week in Term 3.
1:15pm - Big book
- children are divided into 3 groups
1:40pm - 1st activity rotation
2:00pm - 2nd activity rotation
2:20pm - Toilet
- Fruit & water snack
2:40pm - 3rd activity rotation
3:00pm - songs, stories