Monday, February 23, 2009

1/2M Students Have A Busy Start To The Year!

1/2M has had a very busy start to the year! We have begun talking about our local area as a lead up to our unit with an environmental focus called ‘One World’. We have collected gum leaves from the playground and have used them to make rubbings in art. The recent wet weather has also encouraged lots of discussion about frogs! Mrs Wales visited our class with some green tree frogs and we painted our own green frogs which are just as cute as the real thing! We are curious to find out if any frogs are endangered and how we can protect all our animals and plants.
We are off to a flying start having commenced spelling, reading and maths groups already. We have been using the Smartboard, computers and big books to gain information about endangered animals, which is exciting! We are also learning about the six thinking hats and now use the ‘white hat’ to help us when we discuss facts and gain information about a topic. We will be writing an information report about frogs and investigating different endangered animals to make a PowerPoint presentation on the computer.
We were very happy to welcome Lachlan Bennett to our school this term! We also enjoyed having our friend Westy Bear visit us this week. He has been kept extremely busy helping in the classroom and in return has been getting heaps of cuddles. Ben will be the lucky boy to have the opportunity to pamper Westy over the next weekend. Westy will not have a moment to spare though! Westy will be in for a great weekend because Ben has planned that they will be playing on the swing set and trampoline, then they will be relaxing in the sand pit and cubby house. Westy will also have a bath and a game of chess with Ben before bed. Lucky Westy and Ben!