Thursday, March 26, 2009

2/3S Blog

2/3S have participated in their first video conference! The students participated well and really enjoyed connecting with other schools and our presenter, Dhinawan. After the conference the students were asked to write a recount. One was chosen to publish:

Video Conference

On Thursday the 26th of March 1/2M and 2/3S participated in a video conference. The presenter was Dhinawan and he taught us some things about Aboriginal culture through dance and games.

We got to ask questions about his culture. Jenna asked how the didgeridoo was made Dhinawan told us that you cut a hollow part off a string bark tree then pour hot water through the middle to remove any insects that may be in there. Then you take the bark off the outside. After that you get the woman to paint it. I didn’t want to ask a question but it was fun.

We saw other schools like Forbes during the video conference. We got to learn some dance and games. They were really fun. One was where we were rocking like a canoe. Other classes asked questions too. It was fun!

By Emily 2/3S