Monday, March 30, 2009

5/6C Video Conference with Westdale.

Over the past few weeks we have been communicating with Westdale PS using the Wiki we established, emails and today we had a video conference with our partner class. We are creating this Blog with 6B from Westdale while we are having the conference. We were able to introduce ourselves to our email buddies and get to see what they looked like. We're learning about Living Lands and Westdale are learning about Antarctica. We learnt we do similar things between the schools. Our house names are named after prominent people. 6B told us about their fundraising efforts with FM 92.9 and Westpac Rescue helicopter.

"I learnt a lot more about the Video Conferencing and using computers to communicate." Zac 6B

"I enjoyed doing the Video Conference and learning about students from another school." Connor 5/6C

"It was fun to meet other people we didn't know before" Zach C 6B

"It was good to meet our partners" Daniel 5/6C