Thursday, April 30, 2009

5/6C Back to school!

We have returned from our yummy chocolate holiday and are ready to get back into our school routine. We have heaps of sport events early in the term including cross country, football, netball, softball and soccer. We are making sure we work really hard so we don't miss out on any learning. Our focus unit this term is about Traditions and Heritage. In this unit we talk about gold, Aboriginal lifestyle, democracy and about our history. Hopefully we may be able to pan for some gold. This term is going to be extremely busy with lots of exciting activities planned for the term. We have continued working on our Eisteddfod pieces and are very pleased with the way they are going. We are continuing our video conferencing with Westdale and our wiki is working well. We are currently working on writing tasks about Westy the Bear. We are calling them the Westy T Bear chronicles. This is going to be a great term and we can't wait to get into it!
Welcome to Amber and Tayla Jane who have joined our class this term.