Thursday, August 27, 2009

5/6C News

Canberra was a sensational week and it has been hard to settle down after returning to school. We have managed to get back into our routine and are working furiously to get through the loads of work we need to complete. This term we have been researching Antarctica and the impact of whaling. We have also been making a speech about whaling and the food chain, our RATS all involve this topic. The fete is on tomorrow and we are getting ready to rumble. Many of the class have been busy bringing in bottles and jars for the bottle stall and we think we may be a chance of being the champion class this year. In technology we have been learning about animations and how to create them. We have been working in small groups to create animations and we have also made a couple of class animations. The animations take a lot of patience, although then results are worthwhile. A quality animation can take between 150 and 1000 photos. PE has been fun this term. We have been learning a variety of Indigenous games with whole school PE and one day a week we do basketball skills with our class. Our skills are developing well and we are improving at a rapid rate. We have completed our buddy craft project with KD and 1N. The results will be able to be seen in the 'Art Gallery' at the fete. It has been a great start to the term and we have been working very well.