Monday, September 28, 2009


Our class has been learning about Antarctica. We have researched many topics about this uniquely stunning environment. We have found out that Antarctica is not all ice. We have studied the impact people have made on this beautiful land and the pollution we are creating. People are even thinking about opening Antarctica for tourism.

We have discovered that whales have dropped by incredible numbers due to the everyday killings of these magnificent mammals. Another depressing fact, is that people are mainly killing the female whales. Toothed whales are mainly killed for the ivory in their teeth.
Our class is starting a debate about whaling, one team is going for whaling and one team is going against. There are three speakers in each team. The rest of the class are doing speeches about whaling.

This term we have been e-mailing students in Germany. It has been exciting and lots of fun for us to learn what the German students have been up to during their holidays and also what they had to say about their school and their country,even though they are only learning our language. It must also be good for them, because they get a chance to write in our language and talk to children that share common interests.

Our Year 4's are visiting Lake Keepit. We will write about their adventures in our next blog entry.

Year 5's entry - 4/5P.