Wednesday, September 23, 2009

This term we have been doing lots of work on our RAT's (real assessment tasks) about Antarctica. We have also been focussing on explanations, the topic we used to write a portfolio task was on how to ride a bike. Over the last few weeks our class has been looking at animation. We have been using whiteboards to create images and taking pictures with the school's new cameras and tripods. We are using movie maker to transform the photos taken into an animated movie. We are currently planning storyboards for our group animation projects which will be done outside using whatever resources we can find.

Miss Mostyn, who is a second year education student from UNE has been in our class for the last four weeks. She has been doing some exciting lessons with us and we will miss Miss Mostyn and hope she comes back to the West when she is finished her degree.

Next term we are very excited about beginning senior sport. Our choices this year were golf, gym and tennis. This is a great treat and we can't wait. The holidays are rapidly approaching and we are all thrilled to be getting a rest from the exhausting work load we have been under this term.

Our gold badge assembly is on next week and the people receiving this award have been extremely well behaved and thoroughly deserve this honour. Our term has been hectic but we are pleased with the work we have produced and can't wait until next term, the last at the West for some of us.