Thursday, July 24, 2008

5/6C Native Garden Project

Our class have been researching government. We watched a video about "How kids can make a difference in the environment". We thought we might be able to help the environment by cleaning up an area and introducing native plants to help improve the grounds near the school. We discussed developing an area of the lake near the school fence. It was decided that a site outside of the school would be difficult to maintain so we went for a walk around the school to see if there was a location that we could develop. Luckily the place we found was right behind our classroom.

We researched native plants that would suit this area. Other requirements we needed were:

  • no spikes
  • no fruit that younger children might eat
  • bird attracting
  • frost tolerant
  • drought hardy
  • full sun/ part shade
  • less than 2m tall

We decided on some plants and prepared the area which required digging, raking, clearing, introducing new soil, creating a border, stepping stones and seats.

After the preparation we began planting trees and shrubs that class members brought in. We were all responsible for the garden and the continual maintenance.

The garden is going quite well, it has improved from being a pile of dirt to a garden that is already attracting birds. It was great that we could all help improving our school and creating a garden that will hopefully be here for a long time.