Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mary Steele inspires Stage 3

Recently Stage 3 had the pleasure of meeting Mary Steele. She is the author of various books some of which include Arkwright, Blotsville, Featherbys and Tenterhooks. Mrs Steele read part of the novel Blotsville to the students (and teachers) which was quite entertaining. She was able to give a first hand account of planning, writing, editing and eventually publishing books. There is more editing involved than a lot of us knew about. She told us that ideas come from many different places and that she didn't start writing until she was about 40. By then she said she had many life experiences that she was able to draw upon for ideas for her books.
Below are some questions that students asked Mrs Steele.

Makayla, "Why do authors dedicate novels to people and why did you dedicate 'Blotsville' to Josie?"

Daniel, "When did you start writing books and when did you first publish a book?"

Keith, "What gave you the inspiration for writing Arkwright?"

Blake, "When did you decide to become a writer?"

It was a very entertaining event for the Stage 3 students and now they are all waiting in line to read Mary Steele's books.