Tuesday, September 9, 2008

1/2M Book Week Celebrations

1/2M celebrated Book Week 2008 by listening to the story, ‘The Night Garden’ by Elise Hurst. In this story, a little girl draws a garden on her misty window one rainy day when she wishes she could play outside. That night, when the rain is gone, the garden comes alive with many weird and wonderful creatures, yet she feels very safe and secure in her special garden.

The class painted some vivid images of their own ‘night garden’, with spooky eyes peering out to look at us, although they are never really scary!

Many different book characters also visited us for our Book Week assembly! There was the Rainbow Fish (Emily), Princess Charlotte from Prncess Charlotte and the Birthday Ball (Charlotte), Chloe from the Bratz (Clariese), Lord Abrioll from the Golden Compass (Joe), Raymond Martin from the Crusty Demon Team (Jack S), Jessie from Toy Story (Jenna). Hannah Montanna (Grace H.) and finally the Monster from the Monster Shop (Jack R). What star studded line up!