Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Balloon Rockets Soar in the Science Challenge!

During the recent Science Challenge, students made Balloon Rockets in the 1/2M room. First the children were given a balloon, a straw, string, a clip, a texta and masking tape. The challenge was to make a balloon rocket travel the furthest. The children had to blow up a balloon and decorate it, then they had to attach it to the straw with tape. A clip was used to stop the air coming out. They then threaded the string through the straw. When the children tested their balloon rockets, most worked but some didn’t go as far! A couple of balloons even popped and they had to start again! The winning team worked really well as a team, decorated their balloon and made their rocket travel over 3 metres!

Here are some of the student comments….
We had our Science challenge. We made lots of things. My favourite part was the balloon rocket. (Cassidy)
I made lots of things. I liked it. (Taylor)
Yesterday I made a balloon rocket and it went three metres. It was fun. (Robert)
It was fun making the balloon rocket. (Layten)