Thursday, March 19, 2009

3/4S are Working Hard!

This term 3/4S have been working hard and learning lots of new things. We are learning to have a go and help others. Here are some of the activities we have been doing:

Clayton working hard in a Maths lesson

Jessie and Brittany working together
In Cogs we have been learning about National Parks and we have been using items from the local environment like leaves, nuts and bark for our artwork. Trinity

We have been writing Information Reports. We had to choose an animal and write, then present an information report about it. I chose a Tasmanian Devil, it was really fun. Kate

Taylah showing her poster
We have been playing with magnets for Science. We made magnet powered cars with paddle-pop sticks, axles, wheels, blu-tac and magnets. We raced the cars by pushing them using the power of repulsion. Jake

We have a growth tree that used to have no leaves on it. When someone does something really good they can get a leaf. If we reach 100 leaves, we get to have a class party. We already have 31 leaves. Callie

A picture of our Growth Tree