Monday, March 23, 2009

5/6C and Westdale

Last week Mr C went to Tamworth to learn some more uses for technology. While he was there he met a teacher from Westdale PS and they decided to have a video conference and email - pen pal project. We were very excited about getting buddies and having a video conference. We created a Wiki to begin our communication. We use the Wiki to communicate with Westdale which helps us to find out about other schools and make friends. We are learning about technology through using different types of technology. So far we have looked at email, Marvin, Blogginig, digital photography, Wiki's, videos and Video Conferencing.

We initially set up a Wiki and invited Westdale to join our Wiki. They replied and we buddied up with a penpal for the email project. We have created a link from the Wiki to our Blog for Westdale. We took a photo of 5/6C and we pasted it onto our wiki page. Next we are learning about podcasts and widgits we are learning to communicate using technology.