Thursday, March 5, 2009

5/6C and 1N email legends

5/6C and 1N have created a buddy system to learn how to email and to create a Blog. 5/6C learnt how to email and Blog. They then were given a buddy to teach the same things. 5/6C went to 1N's classroom and the kids buddied up and went to the computer lab to begin our emailing. The students worked very well together and were able to send and receive emails. The work between these two groups was very impressive.

5/6C learnt a traditional Indigenous game called Taktyerrain. This game involves throwing balls a certain distance and racing to get your ball the quickest. The class, in groups were responsible for teaching small groups from 1N. The students were taught the game and then we played a huge game involving all of the students. Everyone had a great time and all of the students developed confidence in different situations.