Tuesday, March 3, 2009

5/6C Class News

Welcome to our first class news.

This year we have been working on different types of technology such as: Marvin, Emails, Web Quest, Blogs and Video conferencing. We have created a buddy class with 1N. We are going to work with the class to teach them how to access and reply to emails. This process will help us to learn as well as helping 1N.

Also this year we have been using alot of thinking tools such as the doughnut, lotus diagram, blooms grid, brainstorming and decision making matrix. These tools help us to think, organise, plan and produce quality work.

Fitness is a focus for the term. We are running or exercising most mornings which helps us get our minds active for a great days work. We are working towards making ourselves healthy and strong for the future. Recently we have begun learning circus skills which is great fun and also helps our hand eye coordination. Some of the class are natural clowns!

We are continuing to develop our skills in singing and have begun learning to use our voices as an instrument. We are learning a couple of different songs and everyone is having a great time singing together.

Our focus for the term is on Living Lands which includes areas such as National Parks, rainforests, animals and plants. We have been conducting research on this and are learning some very useful information.

The class has begun the year extremely well and are producing quality work in all areas.