Thursday, June 11, 2009

3/4Ws report on the Cross Country

On Thursday 4th of June Narrabri West Winners went to Number 2 oval for PSSA Cross Country and ran their hardest. These are the results of the PSSA runners from our school:

1st - Josie Wilson, Jack Edwards
2nd -Dylan Phillips
3rd -Josie Kirkby, Kate Brown
4th -Tom Baker, Lidia McCauley
5th -Lawson Morley
6th -Joe Baker, Will Brennan
7th -Brandon Gold
8th -Khiarni Cornish, Jenna Baxter
Others- Drew Merten 3rd last, Howard Litzow 20th, Tyler Arnold 40th, Jordan Harvey 9th , Will Alexander 18th, Emily Stiller 9th, Amber Meskill 12th, Tegan Bush 10th, Kiara Neave 9th, Jacob Shields 13th

Those people above represented our school extremely well and they had wonderful manners too. They were also pleasant to the other runners and the organisers. As excellent role models, they cheered our school on when they were running. The next level is Coolah - We wish them luck!

Written by Howard Litzow and Josie Wilson