Thursday, June 11, 2009

School Debating

On Wednesday June 3rd, eight people went to Tamworth Public School to learn how to debate. Josie Wilson, Alix Sills, Kiara Harvey, Jane Phillips, Taylah Cook, Jess O’Neil, April Squire and Felicity Elford all had a great day learning about the 3 m’s - Matter, Manner and Method. We all started off by learning to debate and wrote down dot points, sentences and tables. The instructors told us about how to set up a debate, how to use speakers to present arguments and how to rebut the oppositions arguments. We had to see what would we do if we ruled the world , and lots more. We also got a chance to debate and it was fantastic! The instructors were really nice too and if we got stuck they would help us. We all had a great day and our school will definitely go next year.

Written by Josie Wilson & Alix Sills